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What Is Small Claims Court?

What Is Small Claims Court?

Some legal matters involve a relatively small amount of money. These kinds of matters can be settled in small claims court. Continue reading for a brief introduction to small claims court, the kinds of disputes settled there, and when it’s a good idea to involve an attorney in these kinds of matters.

In Wisconsin, small claims court is where controversies with no more than $10,000 at stake are decided. It’s important to be aware that just because smaller amounts of money are at stake, these cases are still lawsuits where a judge or court commissioner and sometimes even a jury will assess the merits of each party’s case and make a decision. If you are a plaintiff who files a case in small claims court, the defendant may potentially establish a counterclaim against you.

Issues that are settled in small claims court are numerous. For example, if there is personal injury, property damage, or a breach of contract and the relief sought is no more than $10,000 or less, then small claims court is the appropriate venue. If there is property valued at $10,000 that the plaintiff would like to repossess, small claims court is appropriate. There are other kinds of issues that may also be settled in small claims court, so be sure to check with an attorney prior to filing the lawsuit.

Some small claims actions are straightforward and a person may feel comfortable handling a small claims lawsuit themselves. However, for more complex legal issues and for those people who would like to be certain each step of the legal process is completed correctly, contacting an attorney for representation is often useful. Even if you begin a small claims action yourself, you can contact an attorney for representation or advice throughout litigation. It can be especially advantageous to work with an attorney if the other party in the action has found an attorney to represent them.

Now that you know a little about small claims courts and the sorts of legal issues dealt with there, you may have questions about your own situation. Legal blog posts serve as convenient introductions to legal topics, but they should never be considered legal advice. Contact an attorney at Kelly & Brand, Attorneys at Law, LLC for personalized legal advice tailored to your circumstances.