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Five Informative Legal Podcasts for Non-Lawyers

Five Informative Legal Podcasts for Non-Lawyers

While most cities and neighborhoods are in the process of re-opening after the pandemic, spending the last year without much of our usual entertainment have led many to discover that podcasts are a great way to learn while performing other daily tasks. A legal podcast might seem like something you’d rather sleep through than listen to, but the five podcasts below are captivating introductions to the law for non-attorneys. You can find each of these podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

1. In Legal Terms – by MBP Think Radio. This Mississippi-based podcast provides an introduction to legal terms and the way the law affects daily life across the nation. Episodes span a variety of topics including voting rights, foreclosure prevention, space law, and data privacy.

2. Legally Insane – by Matt Ritter and Tony Sam. This zany podcast blends comedy with United States legal history. One of the hosts is a comedian who used to be a lawyer. The other host is simply a comedian who enjoys legal history. Each episode the hosts cover a legal topic and its historical origins. Some topics are divorce law, money laundering, and even “crazy laws” from each state.

3. The Legal Geeks – by Joshua Gilliland and Jessica Mederson. The hosts of this podcast dive into legal issues found in pop culture and current events. They discuss shows and movies like Star Wars, Magnum PI, Doctor Who, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The hosts also unpack common legal issues that arise from holidays like St. Patrick’s Day.

4. Is That Even Legal? – by Attorney Robert Sewell. Each episode centers around a different legal issue with insight from experts on the topic. Topics include asset protection, self-defense, and whether it’s legal to create a trust for your pet. And most episodes are under 30 minutes for quick listening!

5. Above the Law- Thinking Like a Lawyer – by Legal Talk Network. The hosts of this podcast put a legal spin on every-day life events and the hosts’ common interests. From sports law and drones to emojis and fashion, this podcast takes a not-too-serious look at a range of legal issues. These hosts also discuss topics related to the law school experience for listeners who are interested in attending law school, or just want to know more about it.

Legal podcasts are great introductions to legal terms, trends, and principles, but they are for entertainment purposes only and cannot replace the value of personalized legal advice. Contact an attorney at Kelly & Brand, Attorneys at Law, LLC for legal advice tailored to your situation.