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State, Local & Municipal Government

State, Local & Municipal Government

Clients who have matters involving state and local governments need the skills of an attorney who has practiced extensively in matters involving towns, cities, villages, counties, and the State of Wisconsin. Attorney John M. Kelly is just such a practitioner. In his 42 years of experience, he has handled virtually every kind of matter in this area ranging from simple hearings regarding zoning variances to complex litigation against municipalities and the State of Wisconsin.

Eminent Domain

When the state, county, city, or other governmental entity wants control over your land, it must pay you fair compensation as part of the transaction. The Wisconsin Statutes and state and federal constitutions require this. The condemnation process usually requires the services of an expert appraiser witness to determine whether or not the value being offered by the government for the land is fair and adequate. Frequently it is not. Kelly & Brand, Attorneys at Law, LLC has been involved in numerous large eminent domain cases throughout the years, some even involving inverse condemnation where the land was not physically taken by the government but had its value destroyed by government action. Call Kelly & Brand, Attorneys at Law, LLC to learn more about your eminent domain rights while you still have the time.

Environmental Law

State and federal environmental laws directly affect how you may use and enjoy your property. Misuse of one's property through the release of environmental contaminants may not only damage the parcel immediately affected but also the parcels nearby, upon which contaminants may migrate. Consult Kelly & Brand, Attorneys at Law, LLC to determine your rights and responsibilities before you act in a way that may give rise to environmental liability. Get Attorney John M. Kelly's expert opinion if you believe others may have contaminated your property.

Natural Resources Law

The Wisconsin Statutes and the Wisconsin Administrative Code tightly regulate how we can use our properties in such a fashion as will not do damage to the environment. Sometimes the Department of Natural Resources' view goes beyond any logical and reasonable interpretation of the law, and that is when an experienced attorney can help. In other instances, permits must be applied for prior to the installation of docks, dams, boat ramps, and the like, or to fill wetlands for property development. Attorney John M. Kelly's 42 years of experience in this area will be invaluable in achieving the results you seek from this permit application process, as well as in any administrative appeals or lawsuits involving the Wisconsin DNR.